The pros and cons of concrete flooring

Flooring is an important but often overlooked element of your overall decor. To understand whether concrete is right for you, and for the room you are considering it for, it is wise to understand it as a material and the pros and cons so that you can make an informed decision.


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Low maintenance

Once it is down, a concrete floor will not need a lot of attention beyond sealing it and waxing it once or twice a year, depending on the level of traffic, to maintain the protective layer. Beyond this, a broom and a mop will do the trick, which is a big pro.


Concrete is difficult to damage; therefore, it is a great option in high traffic areas or where furniture might be dragged, pet claws scratched or high heels walked across. It can withstand heavy equipment to commercial levels and is therefore great for workshops and garages in addition to use in the home.


Whilst it might be very durable, concrete is hard. If you drop something on it, you won’t damage the floor; however, whatever

Commercial Lighting Tips


Installing a proper lighting system for your business is almost a science so it is important to consult with a professional for the best commercial lighting tips available. Typically a business requires more lighting and special considerations than a home in a residential area. Not only do you have to deal with indoor lighting for both employee and customer needs, but also outdoor lighting as well.

Lighting needs for businesses are likely to be similar whether you work in a mid-sized city or a larger one. Electricians with proper certification and training will help you navigate your journey through choosing the proper type of lights for both indoor and outdoor situations as well as the best installation locations. They will also be able to take into account current ambient lighting, the right lamp technology, choosing the right controls such as motion sensor or timers, fixture configurations, proper visibility and more.

Inside Lighting Considerations

One of the most important commercial lighting tips to consider is emergency exit lighting. What happens when your business loses power due to an outage or an emergency like a fire? You and your employees need to be able to see to

Bathroom Lighting Tips All You Need to Know


For bathroom lighting tips, you can check out different home improvement magazines and websites. You can get many interesting and creative ideas with many lighting tips. Home design stores can also give you lighting tips, which can be very helpful especially when you are planning to make a bathroom makeover.

If you are thinking of what kinds of lighting is best, here are some of bathroom tips to make your bathroom brighter and more attractive.

You can use the four types of lighting to illuminate your bathroom. These are general lighting, accent lighting, task lighting and decorative lighting. You can combine these types of lighting for best results of illumination. In the bathroom, task lighting is the most important type particularly around vanity mirrors. Task lighting is necessary for shaving or applying makeup.

You can put your task lighting above the vanity mirror near the sink, or on both sides of your vanity. Choose halogen or incandescent lights so that you can adjust the brightness of the lights if necessary. Make sure that the lights can give you enough illumination. It is better if your bathroom is brighter than required and just use dimmers so

Essential Lighting Tips For Flower Photography


It does not matter to whether you are using a natural light, artificial light or both at the same time to photography a close-up shot of flowers. The things which you will have to keep an eye on are the type, character and angle of light.

Lighting Essentials For Flower Photography Tips #1 – Ideal Time To Conduct Outdoor Photography

If you are conducting an outdoor photo shoot of flowers, the ideal time would be during the morning and evening. The amount of sunlight during the afternoons is too bright. This increases the risks of casting shadows onto your subject, thus, results in your pictures to not turn out too well.

Cloudy skies are often times the perfect macro shooting moments. Therefore, get rid of the thought that only sunny days are good for flower photography.

Lighting Essentials For Flower Photography Tips #2 -Harsh Sunlight

Prior to that, harsh sunlight will obligate the flower’s subtle details. If you still have to shoot under the bright sunlight, make sure to use a diffuser. Using a diffuser will assist you by reducing the amount of sunlight.

Lighting Essentials For Flower Photography Tips #3 – Flash

Built-in or accessory flashes with artificial light

Landscape Lighting Tips For Your Entire Home


Landscape lighting tips will help brighten your gardens and landscape during the evening hours. Some landscape lighting tips are meant to show off different areas of your garden landscape. Landscape lighting is not only popular to homeowners but also business owners to highlight the business building during the evening. Everyone enjoys low voltage lighting and solar lighting because they are inexpensive and easy to install and are available to purchase almost anywhere.

Low voltage lighting has been around the longest and you will find are used by many homeowners. Low voltage refers to the line that is sending the voltage from the house outlet to a transformer and lowers the voltage to only 12 volts. This style is quite safe and can be install easily without hiring an electrician or without procuring a permit. The transformer that comes with the low voltage kit will plug into a 110/120v outlet located on the exterior of your home. Multiple cable runs are attached to the transformer that can connect up to a group of six light fixtures.

Solar units have become more popular these days as outdoor lighting because they are easier to install than the

Home Lighting Tips For Feng Shui


Home lighting tips for Feng Shui are tsome of he most popular trends nowadays. The Western world has already adopted these home lighting tips because there are several supposed benefits that can be derived from the constant and unobstructed flow of the chi. In this regard, it is best to know the home improvement tips that will help every home have its very own oriental experience without spending a fortune in the process.

The first tip for consistent chi flow in your home would be to add lighting inside the living rooms that is centralized on a particular object that represents an individual’s goal. One example would be the piano. If your dream is to become a very famous and prominent pianist, then you should add lights that are directed towards the piano. It should be lights that are facing upward and which highlight this particular object. It is said that doing this helps greatly in directing the chi flow towards that goal. Consequently, it will give you good vibes and bring you a positive outlook in life which will increase your motivation and good mood.

For career enhancements, it is recommended that you

3 Simple Bathroom Lighting Tips


You might not have noticed but it is quite evident that you spend a considerable amount of time in the bathroom. Not only taking bath and to clean yourself but also to groom yourself for the days ordeal. So, as you see, you need ample light to get ready. Let us check out some of the bathroom-lighting tips from below.

Bathroom Lighting Tips

  • Remember, different parts of your bathroom require different kinds of lighting. So, if you are up to bathroom makeovers, be well aware of the different types of bathroom-lighting. Bathroom lighting can essentially be divided into three main types. Take a look at the following types of bathroom-lighting.
  1. Task-Lighting – As the name suggests, task lighting is kind of lighting that would help you while performing tasks like shaving, applying facial make ups and such.
  2. General-Lighting – General lighting is very much unlike of task lighting. The general light fittings are for illuminating the entire bathroom. They are not much of help for performing tasks. Use recessed lighting. You probably love to take a warm bath after a hectic day. The bright recessed lighting is for

Home Lighting Tips For Bedroom Improvement


The bedroom is the most intimate part of the house, so it is best that the privacy of the couples is kept intimate with the lighting of the room. In order to improve the current lighting condition of the room, it is best to know the home lighting tips that will enhance its color and vibrancy without invading the privacy of the room, while at the same time giving the room interior that perfect, calming and romantic ambient that it needs.

Who Is Living In The House?

The first thing to remember with regards to proper home lighting tips is to take into account the needs of the people who are living in a particular home. Not everything about home improvement centers around improving the aesthetic aspect of the rooms. It is more important that the room caters to the needs of the owners in the first place. For example, when looking for the type of lighting to suit the bedroom, it is important to know if the people that will be sleeping in the bedroom have bad eyesight, so that the proper illumination helps with reading.

In this regard, it is important to find

Lighting Tips for the Everyday Homeowner


Volumes can be written (and have been written) about residential lighting. Interior lighting influences the whole feel of a home.The style of fixtures, the type of bulb used, the lumens, the placement, etc. all work together to give that particular house a certain ambiance.

One important point to remember: Colour is totally dependent upon lighting…a colour on the wall can look completely different depending on the type of light (natural daylight, incandescent, halogen, etc). Keep that in mind when you are picking new paint colours…always test it first under the lighting conditions that will be in that particular room.

Many people consider lighting in their home so important that they hire a lighting designer to make sure they get it right.

In this article, I have tried to focus on some practical points for the everyday home owner with tips and suggestions for making lighting work in your home to its full potential.


Let’s start with the most asked question…what size should my chandelier be and how high should it be hung?

Well, it depends on where it is being hung, but here are some general rules. In a dining room

Lighting Tips for the Perfect Sunroom


The sunroom may be the most frequently used room in your home. With the comfort of a sitting area and none of the distractions televisions and other media provide, it can feel like an escape. But when the sun goes down or on those cloudy days it can be tricky to see in a sunroom. Lighting can make all the difference.

Consider these five lighting tips for the perfect sunroom.

#1 Overhead lighting.
If you have a dining table or eating area in your sunroom consider hanging an overhead light directly above the center of the table or space. Simple hooks can be hung from the ceiling in a matter of minutes and your light can be up. Choose from overhead pendant lamps, traditional wicker hanging lamps and outdoor lamps with water proof shades.

#2 Floor lighting.
Place floor lamps in the dark corners of your sun room space. They’re particularly effective when positioned behind sofas and large chairs. When placing floor lamps in your sunroom make sure they’re out of the way and on an even surface. Floor lamps can easily be knocked over if they’re in high traffic zones.

Consider adding wicker floor lamps

Lighting Tips for Fashion and Function


A multi-layered lighting scheme with mood setting dimmers is perhaps one of the best lighting tips an interior designer can give for those who are trying to accomplish warmth, comfort, and style through their living room lighting. By using a combination of wall sconces, table lamps, accent lamps, track lighting, and floor lamps, your living room lighting will have balanced light for maximum versatility. Balanced lighting in your living room gives a sense of visual organization that will integrate flawlessly with your furnishings for a result that offers you both dramatic and relaxing lighting options.

A key lighting tip that will help you achieve this layered lighting look is to remember that there are three types of lighting you will need in your living room – general, task, and accent lighting. When these three lighting types work in harmony, your living room will be both fabulous and functional!

General Lighting

General lighting is what will give your living room a warm, ambient light that is inviting and comfortable. Use fixtures such as wall sconces, decorative ceiling fixtures, floor lamps, and wall washers to fill the room with a soft, shadow eliminating light that provides all-around

10 Best Hardwood Floor Tips and Save Money Too


If you’re looking for hardwood floor tips whether you’ve already installed hardwood floors or are planning to do so yourself or hire a hardwood floor contractor, then here are some quick tips and some money-saving tips to keep in mind.

  1. Do plenty of research online and at your local hardwood floor dealers before you make any decisions or purchases. You want to fully understand prefinished and unfinished hardwoods. Talk to the salespeople and take a close look at the hardwoods. If you can’t do this in person then go to some websites online and read all you can. Hardwood floors can be an expensive investment in your home and you want to know what the best flooring is based on your budget. Understand the various types of woods and the variation in prices. You can choose a less expensive hardwood and still have a beautiful floor.
  2. If you don’t plan to do-it-yourself and plan to hire a hardwood floor contractor get quotes from at least four of them. Make sure to ask for references and if possible check their work out at the installation locations. Hardwood costs have a broad range in price from

Hardwood Flooring Tips


When you decide to look for hardwood flooring there are a few tips that can help you make the experience a lot less stressful and less work.

First tip might sound obvious but it still amazes me that people do not shop around. By shopping around, I don’t mean spending hours walking around flooring outlets. Simply use the rule of three, this means getting three prices for the hardwood that you are interested in. I have found three price quotes is more than enough to give you a good overview of the market. There are only so many stores and they are all competing against each other.

The second tip is to do a bit of research online before you start looking to buy, this gives you a good idea of the market and will prepare you for the pricing you can expect in store. This will also help you stick to the budget, so you do not overspend.

The third bit of advice involves a bit of math, by this I mean know your sizes before you go to buy any hardwood flooring. There is nothing worse than finding the flooring you want but

Top 10 Rubber Flooring Tips


Rubber flooring offers many outstanding benefits. It can be used in many different areas in both residential and commercial properties. The selection of rubber flooring, mats and tiles is extensive, giving everyone a chance to find the most suitable rubber products for their upgrades, maintenance, or remodelling projects.

If you are unfamiliar with rubber products and rubber flooring, the following tips may come in extremely handy. Read them carefully, especially if you contemplating a flooring project.

  1. Floor selection– Rubber flooring is very versatile, and can be used in many situations. Sadly enough, there are still areas in a home or business where rubber floors are not recommended. This includes kitchens, as rubber surfaces are not resistant to hot oils, fats, and petroleum based materials.
  2. Indoor floor maintenance– Even the most durable floors need to be maintained. By washing your floor surface regularly with the right cleaning products, they will remain beautiful longer. Your floors will also last longer. Never use harsh chemicals or steel scrubbing pads. They will damage your rubber flooring. Use a broom or vacuum cleaner to remove dust.
  3. Outdoor floor maintenance– Remove debris by sweeping

How to Refinish Wood Floors


Everyone wants to know how to refinish wood floors. Fortunately, it is a fairly simple process that doesn’t involve many steps at all. By taking the time to learn how to do it yourself, you can save a lot of money and achieve the same results that you’d get from professional services if you are willing to put in the effort and patience to make it the best project ever.

Here are some tips and suggestions for how to refinish wood floors:

  1. Start by planning. Find a sander to rent if you’re doing the work yourself. A drum sander is preferred, because it goes with the grain of the wood rather than in a circular motion. Figure out when you can do the work, how long it will take, and choose a new stain or finish texture that you’re going to use.
  2. If you’re not doing the work yourself, start calling around to professional companies to find one with experience and a solid reputation to do the work for you.
  3. Sweep the floor, and then clean it with a damp mop. Pound down any nails or tacks that are sticking out of the wood.
  4. Sand slowly and

Tile Flooring Tips


Tiling a floor, wall or any other surface enhances the beauty of the room and the décor but practical considerations play an important role in choosing the right tiles for a surface. Different surfaces have different needs when it comes to flooring. Some rooms like the bathroom or the laundry room for instance, are exposed to high amounts of moisture while other rooms like the kitchen counters are exposed to much wear and tear. Therefore, it is only natural that different kinds of tile are used for different rooms. Balancing the aesthetic requirements with practical considerations is a must if you want the tile surface to look good and last long.

The first step is planning. There are various kinds of tiles available for different surfaces. Vinyl, ceramic and stone tiles are some examples. Among stone ceramic, there are a variety of ceramic to choose from including marble, sandstone, slate, granite or travertine, to name a few. Natural stones tiles have become highly popular thanks to their unique beauty and good looks. The brown tones, beiges, reddish and golden hues of these tiles give a free hand to people who want to beautify

Residential Flooring Tips


As any homeowner may know, remodeling can be a huge undertaking that can potentially have cost overruns and additional headaches. However, with a few tips to keep in mind, you can keep costs in check and dramatically increase the life of new flooring.

When considering new residential flooring, one has to bear in mind the condition of their current floor. Subfloors may need preparation including patching or leveling. Additionally, depending upon the age and condition of the current floor, a new wood underlayment may be recommended. These components, to any flooring project let alone the installation of a new floor, are typically overlooked by homeowners and subsequently catch them for surprise. Yet, with the underlying preparation, you with dramatically increase the performance and life of your new flooring installation.

One should also note that moldings, wall bases, and toe kick guards will be removed prior to installation. It’s generally recommended that a flooring specialist handle such removal so as to prevent unnecessary damage to the molding and reinforce the possibility of reinstallation after a new floor is laid. The installation of a new floor, however, could be an ideal time to upgrade your molding,

Shine On With Easy Care Wood Flooring Tips


Flooring can make a huge difference in the looks of a home. There are many things available that you can do to cover the floors from carpeting to vinyl to tile. Wood flooring is becoming very popular once again. Many people like the looks of a wood floor. From centuries back, floors were covered with wood as a main floor covering. It wasn’t until carpeting became popular that floors had any other covering. Throw rugs were placed over the wood flooring just for decoration, but most of the older homes used wood as the main flooring choice. This article will talk about some of the wood flooring choices available and how they can still shine on in the days and future days ahead.

You might be surprised to find out what is under the carpeting in many older homes. If you were to pull up the carpet, you might find wood flooring underneath. Because hardwood floors were so popular, many of the older homes still have that type of flooring under the transformed look of carpeting. The older hardwood floors required a lot of sanding and polishing. It was quite a task to

Best Hardwood Floor Tips To Save You Money


Most consumers choose hardwood flooring for the feeling of warmth, beauty and comfort it can give a room. Because of today’s modern technology, many manufacturers are coming up with great new synthetic flooring that not only looks good, but is also durable and low-maintenance, a definite plus for those who are always on the go but want stylish floor coverings; however even though synthetic flooring is a great alternative, many people still crave the look and feel of all-natural floor coverings such as stone or wood.

There are many other reasons to go with hardwood floors, such as the value they add to your home, easy care and easy cleaning, great style and durability and they’re natural and safe for the environment. Although carpeting is an easy alternative to floor decorations, many home decorators are now setting a new trend with exotic hardwood flooring.

If you know a building contractor or hardwood floor contractor, they may be able to help you get a nice discount. In most cases, refinishing your floors will increase the value of your home, not to mention, adding style and beauty. Some of the most well known hardwood floor manufacturers

Damaged Hardwood and Carpet Cleaning Floor Tips


Moving into a new apartment or house is always a challenge as tidying or fixing up after the previous owners could turn into a project worth several days. One of the chores we always end up spending a lot of time on is hardwood floors and carpet cleaning. In order to help you in your clean up endeavors below are techniques on how to repair water stained hardwood floors and proper carpet cleaning. These will ensure your floors are looking clean for your fresh new start.

If your hardwood floors were stained by water the following steps will help you restore the floor’s original look. First sand the floor with a vibrating sander. At first use a medium sand paper then for the second round use a finer type of sand paper. When the floor has been smoothly sanded, sweep or vacuum the floor then wipe the entire area with a moistened rag. Next, using a latex stain that matches the other undamaged areas of your new home apply it onto the sanded areas. Be sure to test the stain on one spot first to be certain the colors of the floor will